Grain CSA Registration

Sign up for a Grain CSA Share Online with the form below or with our 2017 Grain CSA Registration in pdf format.

  • A half share is 50 lbs ( 5 – 10 lb. bags of your choice of grain), priced at $75.
  • A full share is 100 lbs ( 5 – 20 lb. bags of your choice of grain), priced at $125.
  • Individual purchases can also be made in either 10 lb. bags ($15), or 20 lb. bags ($25).

Final share composition is entirely dependent on harvest results.  In the even of a shortage of one or more grains, we reserve the right to make substitutions. You may purchase more than one share.  Payment must accompany order to ensure that your order will be filled.

You will receive an email when your order  is ready to be picked up at 325 Swan Road, Creston, BC. Grain must be picked up by the end of the current year.

Mail to:

R & S Lawrence Farms
325 Swan Road
Creston, BC
V0B 1G7