About Us

Roy and Sherry Lawrence

The James Lawrence family moved to the Creston Valley in the 1940s and purchased land in Lister and on the Creston flats. Eventually, Roy’s parents moved to West Creston and continued raising their family and farming on the flats. There was a period of time where farming was a struggle and hard times came.  Roy always says “Farming isn’t a job – it’s a way of life.”

In 2001 Roy’s Dad passed away and Roy and his brother inherited 150 acres near the US border. Roy bought his brother out and Roy and Sherry have continued the Lawrence family ‘way of life’ – farming.

R & S Lawrence Farms was birthed here and continues to grow, changing from conventional farming to organic.  They have been certified organic with PACS (Pacific Agricultural Certification Society) since 2011, growing several grains and legumes.  They also raise cattle, pigs, turkeys and chickens. They have 6 children, of which the youngest were 10 years old when they started this journey, farming on their own.

Due to the nature of organic farming, there are no guarantees on certain products. If interested in shares or individual purchases, ordering early is recommended. You are more likely to get what you ordered in case of shortages. Payment must accompany your order – otherwise the order is not complete.